The Wendigo

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Lurking within the dense forest of the northern states and central Canada, the Wendigo has become known through legend as a ruthless flesh hungry monster. 

The Wendigo has been described in many ways, with some reoccurring similarities being its massive size, its height being compared to that of a tree, and its skeletal emaciated appearance. Some cultures depict it as a monster with human characteristics, or a human that has become possessed by a spirit and become monstrous. 

In addition to Wendigo, the creature goes by: Windigo, Witiko, Witigo, and Wee-Tee-Go, which can all be loosely translated to “the evil spirit that devours mankind.”

By devour, it means it literally devours people. 

The Wendigo is said to kill and eat any person that enters its territory. It is a skilled hunter, stealthy and able to use and manipulate its environment, making it nearly impossible to escape. Once a Wendigo has made you its prey, there’s a very low chance you’ll live to see the next day. 

They are driven by their insatiable hunger for human flesh, cursed to either eat or starve to death. 

For this reason, Wendigos are associated with winter and the starvation and famine sometimes brought upon by the harsh weather. 

Yes, a Witiko is associated with winter and starvation, the creature is based on that; but it is far more than a simple tale. It is an embodiment of what possible mental illness or isolation may cause a human being to go through.

Called the “Wendigo psychosis”, a mental illness of the human mind to crave the flesh of fellow humans, and yes, this is possibly made up, but believable.

The looks of the creature are to reflect the effects of hunger and starvation in the colder times of winter, where food may be scarce and frostbite strong in the inability to sustain oneself and ones family members.

That is when the said “psychosis” sets in and the people begin to crave the meat of their family for sustenance, though this is mainly a horror tale told to keep those who find themselves craving a family member during a harsh winter to banish those thoughts and avoid becoming a ravenous Wendigo.


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