Episode 3: Skirts

Sommer Sechang and Akayla Douglas

Welcome to Som and KK’s Art Corner!


This week’s tutorial will be about how to draw a skirt.  

When you draw a skirt, you must consider the movement of the body and nature of the clothing. Creating flow within the clothing can help bring your artwork to life, especially if it’s a very loose fabric like skirts and dresses. It is also important to consider that clothing usually suggests the speed and movement of a character. 


Make loose parts of the skirt fly in the opposite direction of the movement.













Another way these tips can help is to show elements within your work, such as the strength of wind or if your character is sitting on something.  Skirts with no flow give off a boring vibe while huge amounts of gusty flows create a fun or intriguing atmosphere.














Ruffles may give off a vibe of luxury and superiority, making it a bit more eye-catching.














That’s all for this week, artists. See you next Thursday!