Thrifting Over High-End Boutiques

Having a high end or expensive clothing does not always mean you have more style than others. You can honestly wear a two-dollar shirt, pair it with your favorite bottoms to make it chic and your own. As someone who thrift shops all the time, I can say that I have found a variety of clothing and accessories at these different discount stores. When you thrift shop you are reducing waste and pollution. Stores like these make it easier to know where your money is going because most of them go towards different charities. Every time I go thrifting, I discover unique finds that I would not find at any other regular clothing store. When it comes to high fashion designer clothing, it is not worth the price. You pay more for what you get in return. While the fabrics are generally better than other clothing, you are mainly paying for marketing. Some people do not feel the need to impress other people and fall for the hype. Celebrities get paid to wear these designer clothes while the rest of us people are not. Thrift clothes are cheap and wearable for anyone and I’ll always stand by that.