Vikings Weigh In On the New Cell Phone Policy

Salvador Sanchez, Staff Writer

Staff at Moreno Valley High School have introduced a new phone policy restricting cell phone use. Students and teachers are both having different insights about the new policy that is being used at school.

This new phone policy reinforces the cell phone policy that had already been present at the campus. All classrooms are now cell free zones and teachers and administrators are allowed to confiscate students’ phones when used during class. 

The school decided to take action on the phone situation on campus due to low grades, low test scores, and overall less student participat

A “Cell Phone Free Zone” poster hangs in a classroom. Teachers have been asked to display the posters in their classrooms in an effort to implement the new policy schoolwide.

ion during class. Cell phones have been shown to be a distraction for some students causing them to not focus on the material being taught and causing the student to fall behind others. 

Junior Ashley Villalba, said “To use our phones in class is not only disrespectful, but it distracts us from our school work.” She then recommended a method the school should’ve used to have a better foothold in the phone situation, “Instead of pushing us into the phone policy, they need to slowly introduce us into the idea.” 

Michelle Bernabe, a junior attending Moval High said, “I feel like it’s not going to do much to the students. It’s not going to improve grades, test scores, or class participation.”  Bernabe believes “It is going to be more of a hassle to worry about students’ cell phones than focusing on students’ education.” 

While students are in the mix in whether it’s too out of reach or too much of a hassle, teachers such as Ms. Allbee view the new policy to be beneficial and achievable.         

When asked about implementing the policy in her classroom, Ms. Allbee said, “Yes, especially with ninth graders. I’m more lenient with juniors because they tend to have more maturity in knowing when it’s appropriate to use a cell phone.” 

In addition to the implementation, we asked her about the possibility of reaching a cell free zone school wide. She said, “Cell phone free in the sense that nobody uses it for anything? No because, sometimes we use it to search things up. However, cell phone free in the sense that we’re not using it inappropriately like texting our friends or going on social media? Yes, there is a chance of reaching that goal. Not 100% but I would say 85 to 90% depending on the teacher and how they enforce it. 

Although both students and teachers have their own views on this topic. There is a common ground in which both sides can agree the new phone policy won’t be 100 percent effective.