A Helping Hand Inputs 3/2/20-3/6/20

Q: How do I help someone who just recently lost a loved one without saying “if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.”? 

A: If someone close to you recently lost a loved one and you want to say something different other than “if you need someone to talk to, I’m here” it’s best to not make them ask you for your help, just go help them. Most of the time people who are going through tough things don’t want help, they don’t ask for help but they do need some. A tip I would recommend is to get their mind off of it. If this person really matters to you and you both are close then you can change their mood, make them laugh or smile at least, cry with each other, listen to some music you both like, take a long drive but remember one thing: make sure you guys talk it out. Don’t let your friend keep their emotions inside, because it makes it worse. Just get lost with each other in that bubble of friendship, overall, just be there for him/her.

Q: I need advice on how to put up with my co-worker who is always being unnecessarily mean. She’s like some mom who isn’t the manager but swears she is. She really gets on my nerves and I need help on what to do.

A: Most of the time, I believe that a co-worker that’s being ”unnecessarily mean” shows that they just take things very seriously and if you are the kind of person that can bring up their mood or change someone’s perspective then it will be alright. Sometimes people are just having a bad day or aren’t looking forward to the day ahead of them and they are just in a bad mood.

Q: How to balance grades, work, and love life? 

A: Make time. Time doesn’t stop for anybody and most of the time it’s better to make a schedule/planner. If you can get a planner or write down your schedule. To get good grades to talk to your teachers, I am pretty sure most teachers here are understandable. If they do not whenever you have free time do the things that are assigned. For work do not overwork yourself, meaning do what you can. With your love life have study dates in which you two work on homework together and accomplish those things.

Q: How do you get out of a bad relationship?

A: Getting out of a bad relationship is difficult, but it may be for the best. Talk to that person and tell them that you do not feel comfortable in the relationship. Someone should not force you to stay with them if you do not feel happy. When Talking avoid arguing because it may tense things up. If you do not feel comfortable telling them in person, the best thing might be to message them and then talk about it in person.

Q: How to manage all of your classes and not lose focus?

A: It’s about having patience with yourself. Talk to your teachers and get help from other students. I know many teachers say this but your phone can be a distraction. If it’s not to you, then listen to some music, space out your work, and have short breaks. It’s not your fault since these things happen a lot to students, just try your best.