Episode 1: Anatomy

Sommer Sechang and Akayla Douglas

Welcome to Som and KK’s Art Corner!


This week’s tutorial focuses on anatomy








Now this is a crazy difficult topic to cover. The way someone draws anatomy depends almost completely on style. Perhaps you want to go on a realistic route? A manga-styled route? Either way, all versions of anatomy must stem from real life.


1. Finding a Reference

The first step of your anatomy studying journey is to practice sketching using real life images. In situations like these, Google is your best friend!

Simply search “pose references” and tons of helpful guides will come up. Feel free to copy them, but refrain from directly tracing.








Another great source is the website line of action where you’ll find tons of useful pictures; from figure drawings to hands and feet!


2. Bending the Rules

Part of what makes certain drawings look so appealing is the way someone may “bend the rules” of anatomy. For instance, someone may draw exaggerated hair or incredibly huge eyes on purpose. Stylizing your art is what makes it unique.

Once you have gotten the hang of basic anatomy, you will need less guide lines from references and bending the rules becomes much easier.


































Keep practicing and experiment with multiple techniques that you like. Don’t give up, artists!

See you next week!