Remembering a Life Taken Too Soon

MVHS students pause to reflect on the life of Derrion Coleman, who was killed in a tragic accident one year ago.

Candid photo of Pedro during lunch.

Last Tuesday was the one year anniversary of a former student Derrion Coleman also known as “Pedro,” a 14-year old freshman who passed away February 18th, 2019. 

His family and friends got together, and released balloons at the location where he was hit, as well as the time he was struck; 6:33 P.M.

Derrion was a well known friend of many. Through his short lived life he accomplished creating an album named “After hours,” and a band named Dark Comedy, which can be found on Soundcloud. 

Pedro passed away due to a hit and run accident, off of Cottonwood. This was a huge heartbreak to the community, because Pedro was a friend to many, and shared bonds with many people. 

His passing hurt many, and in order to preserve his memory, many of his friends and family reached out to our Mayor here in Moreno Valley, Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, in hopes of getting a response, and getting the at the time future skate park named after him. 

Mayor Gutierrez responded, although he did not agree to naming the skate park after him, he planted a tree nearby in his honor, and had a ribbon dedication for him at the grand opening of the skate park.

Christopher Huerta, sophomore here at MVHS, said “I’ve known Pedro since 8th grade, he has always been one of the funniest and friendliest people I’ve ever known.

Kathryn Kachirisky, sophomore, who was very close to Pedro had to say “[He] was one of a kind. He was someone that put other people’s feelings before his own, whenever you needed someone to vent to he was always there.”

She continued to say “He lived every day like his last and he was fearless. He was a huge goofball and really knew how to make people laugh. He was also the chillest person ever, never judgmental. Nothing but love came from him.”

Senior Annette Vazquez said,“I had Pedro last year in guitar class, and he would always play out loud for the class, but there was always something different about his music, something that no one in the class had.” 

Vazquez also said “He had such a passion for music, that no one in the class had; it was admirable.”

In honor of Pedro, let’s take time to remember the lovable memories we had of him, and continue to live on his legacy by remembering him by what he loved: music.