Check it, Jetpacks!




Jetpacks! They might be coming to a sky near you! And sooner than you think.


Pilot, Vince Reffet, became the first man to pilot a jetpack. The jetpack is a jet-powered suit, made of carbon fiber. The dude is a real life Iron Man!

Reffet took off from the ground, flying to a height of 6,000 feet. We’re going to include a link to the video so ya’ll can check it out yourselves. According to the video’s notes, Reffet was able to achieve a height of 100 meters(that’s 328 feet for us Americans) in eight seconds, 200 meters(656 feet) in 12 seconds, 500 meters(1640 feet) in 19 seconds, and 1,000 meters(3280 feet) in 30 seconds at about an average speed of 150 miles per hour.

The fastest car recorded (legally) went 270.29 mph this man here went about 150 mph on a jetpack, i’m no math wizard but that seems near as fast, and he landed in one piece!

 He flew up extremely high as well, the human body has an odd adaptability it tends to go through when in new environments, Reffet going gradually up to 6,000 ft has a good chance of giving him altitude sickness. Yet of course he doesn’t, but hell does it make me sick to read that. There’s also a whole thing called the G force, which is technically the effects of gravity and speed on people, but that’s a lot of math, lets just say he’s lucky he didn’t go 4500 mph in 1 second.

While it’s already incredible to witness a human taking off from the ground and flying around in the sky in a metal suit at high speeds like a superhero, it’s the combination of aerobatics that makes it that much more amazing. They are doing loop de loops in the air!



It’s incredible that in only 117 years, from 1903 when the Wright brothers created the first plane and humanity first stepped foot off the ground, we are once again taking the skies, but in a whole new way. A much cooler one if we say so ourselves.

Here’s the link we promised.

You’re going to have to watch the video on something other than a chrome book though because of the whole blocking thing.