AVID Life Skills Day Teaches the Things They Don’t Cover in Class

Mr. Gallarzo at the car insurance station

AVID coordinators, Mr.Warren and Mr.Gallarzo held the first life skills day for AVID to give students a taste of adulthood. 

“It was educational and it was a good experience for our younger generation who are almost at an adulthood,” Junior Rosa Ramos said. “We are almost at the point where we have to do these things for ourselves.” 

The AVID life skills event had two separate sessions for avid students. This was held on January 31 in the multi-purpose room. There were six stations for the event. 

“Some of the stuff I didn’t know like how to iron clothes,” Junior Jose Castanon said. “The auto insurance lesson is gonna come in handy too.” 

The morning routine station taught students how to make coffee and iron clothes. The auto insurance station gave tips and what to know when owning a car. 

“It was okay but it could’ve been better,” Junior Sergio Becerra said. “They could’ve had more interactive stuff instead of just talking about the topic.”

Becerra mentions that he wished it was more hands-on for some of the different stations although a few stations involved more activity. 

“If you really wanted to learn about it you could just research it,” Becerra adds. “All they really did was tell you about the topic and not many tips and tricks.” 

He says that he wanted to be more involved because otherwise it would be slightly harder to be interested in. 

“The life skills event was very informative,” Junior Willmer Gonzalez said. “I learned a lot about what insurances are required and which ones are recommended.”

Gonzalez says the best advice he got from this event was from the sewing station. He says that he learned how to sew a button yourself instead of paying someone else to do it for you. 

“For next year we are going to switch up the stations,” Avid coordinator Mr.Warren said. 

“We will hopefully make it more streamlined so it’s less chaotic in the first session.”

This is the first life skills event that took place this year. 

“Hopefully we make so there is more of an even amount of students,” Warren mentioned. “Maybe get some new ideas for the life skills day as well.” 

AVID students have already talked about what more they want to learn for future events like this.