Introduction Post!

Sommer Sechang and Akayla Douglas

Hello and welcome to Som and KK’s Art Corner!


Here we will be posting weekly tutorials and art tips. Be sure to stop by every Thursday for updates!












Heyo, the name’s Som. I’m a senior and draw for fun. I’m self taught and I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet and the program Paint Tool SAI to draw. I am more experienced with digital art, however our tutorials can be applicable to traditional art as well. KK and I have been best friends since sixth grade, which is also the time I started taking art more seriously. Together we have both grown and developed our art immensely throughout the years and hope to pass down what we have learned to beginners!

Som’s Art:










Hewo, they call me KK. Creating art is a big hobby of mine and I have drawn almost everyday ever since I could first old a pencil. I personally draw in an anime style and add my own bits of detail into it. My favorite color choices are more pastel and soft colors that makes the artwork stand out a lot. I am dedicated to my art and plan to pursue it as a career.

I can say that art is really not easy and takes lots of time and practice to get better. So my friend and I are creating some tips and tutorials to help out anyone who is struggling to get started ^^

KK’s Art: