MVHS celebrates winter sports at pep rally

MVHS dance team ending their performance.

Verania Diaz and Jesus Blanco

The theme of this year’s winter pep rally was of Tim Burton movies. Each class was assigned a different movie. Freshman were Frankenweenie, sophomores were Beetlejuice, juniors were Corpse Bride and seniors were Nightmare Before Christmas .

The purpose of the prep rally, which was held on Friday, January 17,  was to acknowledge the Winter sports of 2019-20. The sports included were boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls wrestling, and girls water polo.

While recognizing the sports, ASB hosted a game for the students to participate.The game was basically musical chairs where the students are blindfolded, but the catch was that ASB members were moving the chairs around.

“I think the prep rally was fun to watch students being blindfolded, finding the chairs” Freshman Naharai Miranda, said.

There were two performances by the band and dance team.The band performed at the very beginning of the pep rally, and shortly after their performance the dance team went on.

“All the performances were really cool to watch especially since i got to see my friends perform” Senior Marisela Casas, said.

While many thought that the performance was “good” others thought that the dance performance wasn’t school appropriate.

“I thought the dance performance was too inappropriate,” Miranda said.

Many students liked this year’s pep rally when a lot of them at first thought it would be “boring” and thought it was “good,”  “loud,” and “exciting.”

“Everything seemed really cool and I was a little nervous since it was my last pep rally,”  Casas said.One student even suggested adding in a dj because it could be “more fun.”