A Tim Burton Winter Formal

Students dancing under the green lights.

Annette Vazquez, Staff Writer, Editor

MVHS held its annual Winter Formal dance with a Tim Burton theme at the Moreno Valley Conference Center on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

This year’s dance was one of the first-ever dances held outside of Moreno Valley High School. 

However, many felt like more students should have attended.

“The dance [was] okay, I just wish more people would’ve come,” senior Danielle Camua said. 

Students also felt that Homecoming had a couple of better features than Winter Formal.

“Homecoming just seemed like more effort,” senior Karla Aguillon said. 

Many believed that one should have still been able to buy tickets at the door as well.

“I feel like if they sold tickets at the door it would have been better because people decide that they want to come at the last minute,” seniors Corayma Garcia and Yvette Ruvalcaba.

But overall, students enjoyed the dance and created beautiful memories with friends.

“[Winter Formal] was fun in its own perspective. I thank ASB for the work they put in the dance. They did a good job,” Senior Sofia Yepez said.