It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like A MoVal Christmas

As the year comes to a close and finals stir in the air, a moval-ian tradition that has gone on for fifteen years now begins to surface throughout the halls of the school. 

There were three performances of the play this year, beginning on Wednesday, December 4 and going through Friday, December 6.

A Moval Christmas Carol was created by Mr. Shaw when he’d first started the theatre program and it has been growing ever since; he believes that it will keep being apart of the school even in the future.

“It will continue as a Moval tradition. We are planning on a reunion show when the performing arts center opens and we’ll invite all past students to come be apart of it,” Shaw said.

A former Moval student, Julissa Aparicio who once performed in the play herself, sat amidst the crowd during the show Thursday night. She recalled how fun it was being able to see the play from a different perspective. She also shed some light on her own personal experience when she was apart of the production and some advice for the performers. 

“One of my favorite parts was always the fact that we’re getting a chance to perform with a different audience every night and it’s never the same people; not everybody has seen the story or even if they have every night is different,” Aparicio said. “So I hope that they enjoy every night because they’re going to perform with the same people; there’s going to be a new person in the audience watching it. Just enjoy it because once it’s over you really just want to go back.”

Principal Brown, who was also at the play, felt that it was doing amazing and the students were performing phenomenally. She touched base on the evolution of talent from students throughout the years and the different versions of A Christmas Carol that she’s seen and she also shared some admiration for Moval’s take on the play.

“I think they’ve really taken the real Christmas Carol and put the Moreno Valley High School twist on it,” Principal Brown said. “And I think it’s very funny, the kids are very funny, very talented; true thespians they are.”