Mrs. Gil de Montes

     “I’ve had a lot of different hobbies in my life,” Mrs. Gil de Montes, MVHS ASB director, said. “I’ve been a figure skater, I’ve played violin and piano, I was on the swim team, I danced, and I did hula dancing.” 

Teachers are mysterious; no one really knows much about them. Students tend to forget that teachers have had their own experiences throughout their time. What students don’t realize is that their teacher might share the same interest as them. 

This is her second year teaching at Moreno Valley High School. Before becoming the ASB director of this school, she used to work at Vista Del Lago High School. 

“I was an art teacher for 7 years and assistant ASB director for 4 years at Vista Del Lago,” Mrs. Gil de Montes added. She wasn’t to sure if the decision she was making was the right one of the transition, satisfied with her decision.  

But, before becoming a teacher, Mrs.Gil de Montes had a few jobs. She used to work in a YMCA, fast food places, and was a veterinarian technician for exotic animals for about eight to nine years. 

“I worked on the owl from Harry Potter, I’ve worked on exotic birds,” she said. “Lots of crazy animals. I have a lot of experience with things you wouldn’t think an art or ASB teacher would have done.” 

Mrs. Gil de Montes attended a fashion design school that no longer exists, but ended up changing her major after a few years. It was a fresh start for her. She attended Cal State Long Beach for her bachelors and credential. Afterwards she attended Concordia University-Irvine for her masters degree. 

She grew up all over Southern California, but spent most of her life in Fontana and Redlands. She lived in Fontana from the time she was three until the end of middle school and lived in Redlands during high school and early 20’s. 

“Moving the summer going into high school kind of sucked because I really didn’t have any friends, so the beginning of high school was a little lonely,” Gil de Montes recalls. “But I made friends pretty quickly and they’re still my friend. I think it ended up being for the best that I was no longer friends from Fontana just because of the way our lives went.”

Despite living in California her whole life, she has traveled quite a few places. She has visited the Western States, The Bahamas, Hawaii and Japan. 

Even though she seems serious most of the time due to stress because of the events. Mrs. Gil de Montes would describe herself to be wordy, shy, and clumsy. When she was around 4 years old she woke up from a random nap and told her family that she wanted to be called “Tina”. After making the statement she went back into her room to finish the nap. That is how she got her nickname Tina. 

As a teenager she would fall a lot. She once fell down the stairs in her high school hoping that no one saw. But, during the morning announcement video, she was in the background. The camera person caught her falling and the whole school saw. 

Although teachers often don’t speak of what causes them to have anxiety, Mrs. Gil de Montes opened up and stated that being a parent causes her to feel that way. She believes that so much can go wrong, that is why she is always cautious of her baby. 

The best compliment Mrs. Gil de Montes has ever received is when her students accidentally call her mom. 

“To me it means that I make them feel safe,” she said. “Or they feel like they should behave around me. I take it as a compliment.”