Do Teens Have Too Much Self-Esteem or Do Adults Just Not Understand?

We are living in a generation in which adults do not understand how teenagers truly feel about their appearance. Or they assume that we are too confident because of what we post on social media. What they don’t realize is that teenagers actually struggle to accept themselves. Teenagers may be confident due to the number of pictures they take and post online, but in reality, most lack self-esteem and view themselves negatively. 

We live in an era in which we feel pressured to look a certain way. There are certain standards placed upon teens that adults are simply unaware of. Many assume that teenagers are just being picky when choosing a picture to post. In reality, we are ‘picky’ because we worry about what others might think. There will always be that fear that someone might say or think about your post in a negative way. 

Editor Patrice Apodaca in her LA Times article “Social media and exaggerated expectations play a role in rising teen suicide rate” confirms that “the pressure to be ‘perfect’” has appeared to “be driving acute feelings of failure and hopelessness.

Teenagers try their best to look good because there is that feeling of not being good enough. That is the point of adults tend to miss.

Taking pictures of myself or even posting on social media has always made me feel self-conscious. It takes forever to decide which pictures I should delete or post. I always tend to stare at the picture until it becomes ‘ugly’. There was this one time in my life in which I posted a picture because I felt good about it, but some people had to ruin it for me. I got told by a few adults I knew that it seemed like I was “overly confident”. 

If only they knew what was going through my mind before posting the picture. If only they knew I was worried that people were going to talk bad about it. If only they knew that I almost did not post it because I believed it would get ugly throughout time. 

Adults need to be more understanding of teenagers. They need to realize that the times have changed and that there are certain standards teens are pressured to follow. Instead of nagging on what teens do, there should be awareness. They should give the reassurance that one is unique and their person. 

But, even if teenagers did have too much self-esteem it isn’t something that is hurting anyone. As long as the teen feels good about themselves and have that reassurance, there should not be a problem with what is posted.