Equality within Parenting

Sergio Becerra, Staff Writer

My question is “Do parents have different standards for their sons than their daughters?”

I think parents do treat their sons with different standards whether it is for better or worse. As a male high school student with two sisters, I can confirm this. Now I ask readers, how does this question make you feel?

I believe parents do treat their sons differently than their daughters’ different standards whether it is for better or worse. I think parents should treat all their kids the same way.

Some things I am going to explain are experiences and gender stereotypes. The first main point I have is a personal experience. I used personal experience because I’d say parents treat daughters different than sons. An example from personal experience is my mom, she wouldn’t let my sister out as much as she’d like and now that I’m the same age as my sister, my mom lets me out more. Another point of personal experience, not from myself but from a fellow classmate is that if guys date it’s not a big deal but if girls date they say things like you need to be home by this time.

The second point I have is, do some gender stereotypes affect how parents treat their children differently? A personal experience was when I was younger I didn’t have many toys because we couldn’t afford them so I would play with dolls with my sister and my dad would make fun of me. I then started getting toy cars like hot wheels. Another classmate said she doesn’t feel like gender stereotypes affected her parents raising her. 

An alternative is to help parents, especially if they are very old fashioned to let the kids choose their own toys as if a girl wants hot wheels to buy her hot wheels, if she wants dolls to buy her dolls. The same for boys if they want dolls to buy them dolls or hot wheels or any toys. 

In the end, I believe parents should raise their kids the same. Gender should not stop you from raising them the same. Just because you have a girl does not mean she should be home by a certain time unless it’s the same time as her brother. If you really are worried about the safety of your child take them to a self-protection class like boxing or something beyond the lines.