Inequality Demonstrated by the School Administration

Anthony Argueta, Staff Writer

School is the place where students should feel free to be themselves . However it is more than clear that this isn’t the case . Although we don’t have the answer to getting rid of the fear of what others think of you, we can reach for answers to spread equality upon school grounds. But as all ways of achievement, you need to build yourself up the ladder. Our current problem with this at Moreno Valley High School is admin and their dress code targets.

Apparently school administrators can be sexist and this is clearly expressed by dress code. Apparently shoulders can be a distraction to the learning environment but wearing bandanas that can represent gangs aren’t . 

In the dress code hand book it states that no students can wear bandanas, yet I’ve gone through whole school days wearing bandanas without no dress code talk, yet when a girl breaks a dress code rule she is automatically sent to the office to change. It seems as if the school doesn’t care for what men wear, and they just objectify young women. 

Now it also states that clothing with guns should not be worn right alongside durags, however when these items are worn on the daily nothing is said. If this is the case then it seems that some dress code rules are taken more seriously than others . Then it raises the question: what makes a dress code rule serious? 

In a New York Times article an example of unfairness is shown. It’s not in the dress code that women must wear bras yet they still get dress coded for it. This is an example of the school being unfair and not even caring for their own rules. But if the school dress code is unfair then why should students even bother to obey. 

If the school is going to be unfair with their rules or method of expressing who gets dressed coded, the best solution for it is to get rid of it . If the school just got rid of all the extra rules to dress code, it would most likely help students feel way safer on campus and comfortable in their own skin. Meanwhile less parents would have to leave work or find time just to go to school to get their childs clothing back. As long as a person is covering the bare minimum shouldn’t it be okay to step foot on school grounds.

Equality should be a must within the globe already, and even though it isn’t yet we can still push to get it done.  An impactful way of doing this is by starting on school grounds . We need a fair dress code in all ways or a simple bare minimum dress code that works with all students to get school gender equality going. It’s either that or no dress code at all because school must be a place of equality .