Dare to Live Unfiltered

Imagine this, a world where nobody needed or wanted the desire to edit their photos before posting them, a world where everybody loved themselves no matter how they looked. In this generation, being a teenager in high school, I have accepted the idea of other teenagers feeling insecure about themselves.

It is harmful to our self-esteem to see unrealistic beauty standards from photoshopped peers on social media, don’t you think? I decided to write about this topic because I believe the only way to fully stop bullying others or feeling insecure about yourself is to start loving yourself and others. We can start this by not letting the eagerness to edit photos take over us. If high school students can embrace the idea to like, maybe even love, each other rather than argue over things that can lead to fights, imagine the impact it will have on middle school and elementary school students. Hopefully, they would want to follow in our footsteps. 

For the people that still have doubts about teenagers being able to love themselves, examine the example of girls in this topic. According to the article, “Thinner, smoother, better: in the era of retouching, that’s what girls have to be,” by Lucy Cosslett, girls tend to use photoshopping apps more than necessary. Think about it, anyone can do it but no one wants to admit it. I believe that girls can be scrolling through social media and feeling left out because everybody else is posting photos that look almost unrealistic but if especially girls learn to love themselves it would be a mindblowing change. 

I also consider the idea of photoshopping can lead to arguments between people because they think they can compete with other people that are using editing apps. If you’ve never heard the term called “Snapchat Dysmorphia” then you’re in luck because now you know that editing and filters on social media apps can lead to body dysmorphic disorder. This disorder leads people to see themselves as “ugly” if they don’t use filters or edit their photos. In reality, they really aren’t ugly, they just feel like they do because then they won’t get loving and kind-hearted comments or a lot amount of likes on their posts if they don’t use filters or edit their photos. 

Now is the time to consider changing, to love each other, to embrace each other’s differences, to become stronger together. Keep in mind we are the leaders of tomorrow. I have hope for the young population, don’t you? So why don’t we just live unfiltered?