Should Society Support Artists and Others Pursuing Creative Arts?

School isn’t for everyone. Many people feel this way. Most seniors in high school don’t want to go to college, not because they can’t, but because nothing interests them. “Many studies show that happiness plays a big role in being financially stable,” according to Kitta MacPherson a Psychologist from the University of Princeton. Macpherson states, “People get paid more when they are happy, so if you love your job, you’re more likely to be making more money.”

In this day and age, people can make money through the internet with the smartphone in their pocket by quickly selling something on offer-up, facebook, wish, etc. Even by delivering people food through Doordash, Grubhub, and many more great apps. Yet nobody is teaching people how.

Most artists in the world work regular jobs and live from paycheck to paycheck. They don’t have enough to save up and the minimum wage of 12 dollars per hour doesn’t sound so promising when the prices of everyday things are getting higher as well. Schools should teach more about money management, how to pay bills, and basically everyday life skills.

Society paints this big picture that you must seek higher education in order to have a good life. Success is different for everybody but most of the time it includes finding happiness. To add on there’s really nothing else to do in life but work, even if that means working at the gym for your goals, working extra hours at a job, or even just creating music in your room. Everyone works to perfect their passion and when you get paid for doing what you love, you’ve won. 

I believe that there should be more resources in schools that help people figure themselves out while still receiving an education. Society can help any artist or person by liking a photo on social media, reposting content on their social media stories, etc.  Little things that can help that individual and their art. Anything helps.