Putting an end to Gun Brutality

Jesus Blanco, Staff Writer

Do we care so little about our youth that we aren’t willing to take simple steps to protect them from senseless violence ? I care extremely about my own protection, and everyone should care about their own steps into the path of domestic violence. Everyone from children to adults can be in the action of any sort of violence by any means.

From bad neighborhoods to even the nicest places to stay, you may one day encounter violence. Students at times head to school to get away, only to end up stepping into a room that may be the last place they step into. Adults may enter a bar or concert  and never walk out as a result of senseless violence. An amazing day at a family gathering may turn into a day full of bullets from the wrong neighborhood. At times, the places we think are safe might be the exact places that are full of disaster.

Although the government has tried to take action and get rid of the constant fear of gun violence, we still hear and see news about shootings. We as students go to school with the hope of feeling safe, but just this year there have been about 22 school shootings in the US where either students and adults have either been injured and even killed. Not just students, but also adults. Also this year, there have been 21 mass shootings at events such as concerts, parties, etc. 

Coming from a bad neighborhood, where I constantly hear sirens from cops to ambulances and helicopters, I, at times feel more safe at school than at home, knowing at any moment shots can be fired and my home might be on the line. After recent years of so many mass school shootings, us as students begin to feel worried when our school might be the target of a school shooting. As much as we can try to protect ourselves, we can only do so much. The government has tried their part to try and lower the constant violence of guns, but even the people with the most power struggle. We as a community know what is better for us to get away from senseless violence from guns.

The only way for gun violence to come to an end is by us, the community to stand up, speak our minds and help build a better place. Additionally, the government needs to help us by supporting the movement and putting their foot down on this issue.

By getting rid of this violence, we can save innocent lives by a jurassic amount. Getting rid of gun brutality, can result in safety for everyone. The amount of lives that could have been saved before all this mayhem; change is now.