Mr. MacPherson


Verania Diaz, Staff Writer

Richard MacPherson is known as a math teacher at Moreno Valley High school. He cares for a lot of things. He can also be very humorous. But one thing that really stands out is that he is a very helpful person who has been a helpful person ever since he graduated. He’s always helped others with whatever the person needed to this day. Which led to him starting his career as a math teacher.

“I like helping people I’ve been in education almost all my life, so it’s not something that is new to me and math came pretty easy and I have been helping students since I graduated high school in the theater… with my math degree it came naturally that I would end up teaching math,” MacPherson said.

His education started just like anyone else’s, starting off with elementary school, moving on to middle school, continuing on to high school and later on college where he got his degrees and credentials.

“I have an AA a BA in mathematics and a masters and teacher leadership,” MacPherson said. 

He went to a total of 3 colleges to get to where he wanted and it was nothing but hard work for him to get to be where he is at this point in his life.

“I started off at RCC,” MacPherson said. “I spent 3 years at RCC and then I transferred to Cal State San Bernardino and did 3 years in Cal State San Bernardino and then I did my credential my teaching credential with National University and then my masters I did with National University.”

Currently he is teaching at MVHS, where he has been working for the past 23 years and counting and where he gets many laughs throughout the day.

“The hardest thing is my frustration with students when they don’t do their work,” MacPherson said. “I try not to yell, I try to encourage them and try to remind them to get their work done. My students probably make me laugh, just being stupid” 

But don’t get that confused. He is more than just school and work. He has other interests and is always looking for a new adventure waiting for him outside of school.

“I like to go camping and take pictures,” MacPherson said. “My favorite weekend activity would be camping but I haven’t done it in a long time”

He can be an inspiration to many students, even colleagues, but mostly to his students since he does spend most of the time with them, which can lead many to believe that he is happy with the path he has chosen.