Mr. Galbraith

Stephanie Medina, Staff Writer

Most people see law enforcement as something that it isn’t; everyone has had a bad run in with law enforcement or seen a bad video. Mr.Galbraith on the other hand doesn’t. 

“I wanted to influence the youth to be able to see that law enforcement is different than what society portrays it to be,” Mr.Galbraith said with a smile on his face.

He is married with 4 kids. He loves being outdoors, his favorite place to be is on his boat in the ocean with a pod of dolphins surrounding him. He is a goalie in an adult soccer league. He is a very sociable person who loves to go out. He loves to dance, but loves  to dance to hip hop . He describes himself as being old school when it comes to music. 

“This old guy listens to rap music mostly but also enjoys every other type of music,” Mr.Galbraith says laughing.

Mr.Galbraith used to work in the Beaumont police department and The San Bernardino Sheriff Department.

“The youth here have encountered more of a belief that police officers are racist or they are…,” Mr.Galbraith stops for a second “they use too much force, and I wanted students to see that it’s not always true.”

When he wasn’t a teacher he experienced an influential event.

“One story that was most influential was when I saved a baby’s life,” Mr.Galbraith says staring off into the distance “the baby was dying I performed CPR and saved the babies life.”

Galbraith sees a larger purpose than just collecting a paycheck in teaching law enforcement at MVHS.

“One of the things to know is that like for me teaching isn’t a career because I don’t,” he stops himself and looks off then continues “Financially I don’t need to be a teacher, but I do it because I truly love the youth and I truly feel that more people in this age group need help and so coming from being in a field where I was able to help people all the time and now not doing it I wanted to still continue to find something where I could help.”