Mr. Gallarzo

Who is Mr Gallarzo you may ask ? Mr Gallarzo who is known as  Jesus Gallarzo is an English and Avid Teacher at Moreno Valley High School, where he has been teaching for about most of his teaching career. 

He is known for teaching 9th through 10th grade classes. 

As well, he can also be known as the awarding teacher of the year of 2019-2020, which was voted on at the 2018 Homecoming Pep-Rally.   

To come is the brief life story of who really is Jesus Gallarzo and how he came to be known as Mr. Gallarzo.

Jesus Gallarzo was born in Lynwood,California near the southern portion to be known as Los Angeles. To as well move down to “HP” to be known as Huntington Park which as well on the southside of Los Angeles. 

To later about the age of 10, were he moved to be where is now in Moreno Valley to where he says, “most of his growing up, on the streets of Moval.” 

While growing up and making it to high school he wasn’t really the best student. He was that kid to be known as a “Smart ass.” 

As any other bad kid in high school get into a certain amount of fights. He wasn’t really that good kid in the behavior-wise portion but he kept up with his grades and still managed to have good grades. He tried to stay out of the way of making dumb decisions and did happen to miss important steps to better his future. 

The decision that he took to better himself was to take a big leap and join middle college during high school.  To later on graduating and later on attending college, but as well right after high school taking certain jobs to get himself ahead.

During his journey to becoming a teacher he worked at many other jobs. 

His job right after high school would be working at Sears located in Moreno Valley. He worked as a cashier, in the hardware dept, as well as working in the automobile department for a while. 

To as well working radio stations such as (X1039 in the IE, 99.1 KGGi, Power 106). He worked in Think Together for schools where he then left and came back; to then again leave to work where he says “6 terrible Months”. 

While still working he still continued to go to college where he was attending at Moreno Valley College, then soon transferred to Cal State San Bernardino, as well as going further to Redlands University where he received his teaching Credentials and Masters Degree. 

His career really started to begin when he started subbing for the Moreno Valley Unified School District. Where he subbed for about a year and a half to 2 years to now where he has been teaching ever since.

Till now to 2019 and on going he has been teaching for about 4 years or so and has many more plans for his life. 

He has been married for about 1 year and a half and has been with his wife for the past 12 years. He is also currently planning on having kids later on down the road . He has gained a very strong relationship with his wife on things they do together, but the main one would have to be trying different dishes of food all over the world. Due to one of his main things to do on the weekend is to spend most of his weekend on buying a lot of food. Other then having a few hobbies like teaching or restoring old Japanese bikes. 

As well as teaching being one his hobbies he has been toying around with wanting to become the mayor of Moreno Valley. He says “I want to build my career into something I can look back on and I took advantage of my time and my skills to the best of my ability.” 

For everything he has done he would like to thank his parents, his grandparents , and his wife for the most at building who he formed out to be, and also his students for giving him a really amazing time while the time he has been teaching. To as well his parents being thanked for his accomplishments; he also considers them his idols for shaping out what he one day wants to do for his own family. Being the man he was shaped out to be, he is content with his life and very much appreciates everything that he has and has many more chapters to go through with his life.  He at the end is very thankful for everything in his life for even the few regrets that he has he is waiting to continue the rest of his life.