Mr. Stone

We are guaranteed suffering or at least something amongst that spectrum. When you’re dealing with tough times it is always important to remember that the sun is still hiding somewhere behind the clouds and you just have to find it. Mr. Stone, one of MVHS’s history teachers dabbles into how to deal with these struggles, he also fills us in on history’s impact on our lives. 

“Maintain perspective and try to keep an eye on the bigger picture,” Stone replied.“ “Don’t get bogged down into the moment. Maintain that positivity and that trust that, you know, you will see things through to completion and fruition. The journey is worth it.”

Mr. Stone has been struggling with some issues himself and when asked if his journey has been worth it so far he was almost taken aback. Nonetheless, he said he couldn’t complain and adoringly praised his family. Stone also shed some light on advice he would give his younger self if he could. 

“Hard work is valuable and it isn’t all about natural ability,” Stone answered as he looked into the distance. “It’s about the willingness to dig in and put in time and put in effort and not to become disenchanted or smug based upon a perception of natural ability but to really develop a hunger for more. Develop that critical eye and don’t just accept the service, but be willing to set a goal and pursue it and be willing to ask the difficult questions.”

Stone touches base on how he realized he didn’t have it all together during his college years and even now he isn’t this perfect person people may or may not perceive him to be. Although the history teacher did discover some truths to history and how he could apply it to himself.  

“Now I’ve come to the realization that history is so much about being intellectually humble, right, and understanding that there’s so many perspectives out there and that you really need to foster a hunger for that knowledge. That’s a world view that then could apply to yourself…,” Stone said.

At the end of the day, Stone acknowledges that when you’re upfront with things it takes the weight off of your shoulders and allows you to take a step back and enjoy the parts of life that you can take hold of.

“If you’re pursuing truth and you’re being truthful and honest and if that’s your goal that does make things a little easier, a little less complicated. It maybe helps to inform your perspective in a way to where you may be able to take a few extra deep breaths in the midst of those moving parts,” Stone replied.