Mr. Crane

 ¨Originally I wanted to be a civil engineer. I didn’t enjoy that,¨ Mr. Crane, science teacher, said.   

Mr. Crane, who is 51 years old, was born on December 12, the same birthday as Frank Sinatra. He is a very thoughtful and funny teacher at Moreno Valley High School. He also went to medical school. 

¨I’m gonna go to medical school and then I realized I was going to be old and have a lot of debt,¨ Crane said.

Mr. Crane found his passion for teaching when he tutored in highschool. He was also in the army and it helped him grow up and mature a lot and was overall a good experience. During his time in the army, he went to Europe and saw some of the world. He got to meet a lot of different people from ¨all walks of life.¨      

Through the happiness and humor there is a rough past. Mr. Crane lost his dad who was his hero. He died on july of 2014 suddenly. This hurt him because this was his hero. 

“One of the things my dad told me was he was comfortable with  dying at that point in his life,¨ Crane said.

It hurt his mom more though because they were highschool sweethearts and were together for 50 years, but were married for 40 years. 

¨I had a lot of distractions because I was trying to be strong for my mom and my brother and family,¨ Crane said.

Mr. Crane is a man without a specific taste in music. He listens to anything from country to rap.

Mr Crane’s playlists consist of Eminem, Paul Simon, Hank Williams Jr., Saving Abel, Nicki Minaj, Queen, ACDC, Five Finger Death Punch, Jessi J, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Talking Heads, Katy Perry, Fallout Boy, The Weekend, Nine Inch Nails, One Republic, and Luke Bryan.

¨I listen to pretty much everything,¨ Crane said.

Mr. Crane is a family man. He has three kids, the oldest being 28 the middle child being 15 and a sophomore in high school and the youngest being 12 in seventh grade. Mr Crane was married twice and the oldest being from his previous marriage.

¨I’m really easy to get along with as long as we follow the rules,¨ Crane said.