Mr. Warren

  Three years ago Mr. Warren’s students were making jokes about him listening to Taylor Swift and it has stuck with him ever since. 

“I just started to listen to her 1989 album and people were making fun of me,” Warren said. “I said yeah of course I like her and it kind of became a joke for a while.”

His wall in his classroom has a drawing of her, given by one of his students. Warren also has a picture of him photoshopped with Swift in it. 

Warren’s biggest support is his dad. He said when he started teaching, his dad gave him all the lessons and everything he wanted to do in class. 

“My dad has helped me the most with my professional career cause he’s a teacher too,” he said. “He was my teacher when I was a sophomore and that was where I got to figure out my love of education.” 

Warren had been to two different colleges for his degrees. One being a UC college and the other being state.

“I went to San Diego State,” he said. “Then I went to the University of Riverside for my masters degree.” 

His childhood living in Riverside at seven years old, he says was good and he played sport there. He always felt safe living there.

“I grew up in Riverside, California,” Warren mentioned “It was cool, I moved one time when I was in second grade and we lived in a nice little neighborhood.”