Ms. Beck

 Ms.Beck, an honors math teacher at Moreno Valley High School grew up in Lake Arrowhead and lived there until she was 18, and then she went to college at University of Riverside. 

Being the youngest out of three, she liked to play outside all the time. She played with bugs, dirt and loved riding her bike. 

Something that she didn’t know yesterday and knows today is that in Arabic it is frowned upon to have singing as a career choice. 

When asked what made her smile she responded,“I was listening to the radio this morning and I was hearing this story about a nine year old girl who is a talented singer and she was with her mom and her mom reached out to the community trying to brainstorm ways actually show her daughter was talented because it is unpopular in their culture to have singing as a career choice.” 

As well as listening to the radio she explained that her favorite weekend activity is to take care and have fun with her three dogs.

“I like to take my dogs swimming, I have three dogs,” Beck said “They are the worst, ever. Mostly just one of them is really bad because he’s a puppy, so anything I can do over the weekend that will tire them out so they can chill for a little bit that means I can relax for a little bit, that’s what I like to do.” 

When asked something that people might not really know about her she stated that in college the only class she failed was math.

“People probably don’t know as far as students go that the first and only class that I’ve ever failed in college was math,” Beck said.”You have to have a growth mindset that’s all it’s about.” 

Being the math teacher, it wasn’t numbers and equations that attracted her to the job she has now, instead it was that she grew up around teachers. Her mom worked at the elementary school she went to.

“I always grew up around teachers and education in general because my mom was a teacher,” Beck said.“She worked where I went to elementary school and she worked in education basically my whole life. So I always thought that I wanted to be a teacher. When I got to college, graduated and got my degree I wasn’t so sure anymore because I have been working with elementary students so I just decided that I would go back to school and get my master’s degree so when I was substitute teaching that I really wanted to be a teacher I was just in the wrong age group.”

Being a math teacher is not very easy but something that attracted her to her job was somebody giving up. 

“I think the most rewarding part for me is when you find that somebody has completely given up and you give them that glimmer of hope to continue and to want to try and to want to be successful so that’s  really why I do what I do,” she said. 

When asked who supported her the most throughout her career in teaching she responded with her mom.

“My mom, for sure, just because she worked for education for so long and she’s seen every level of education and she always has great advice for me,” Beck said. 

“Just a fun fact, my mom is from Peru and my Dad is from here and my parents met in Peru because my dad was on vacation there,” Ms. Beck said. “He proposed only three days after knowing her and now they’ve been married for 40 years.”