Mr. Shaw

”Character is built each time you do the right thing,” Mr.Shaw, a father, a husband, a theater teacher, a funny guy, a weird guy – but most importantly, a good guy. 

Incongruity is a thing most of us don’t want to experience but it is certainly funny to watch and Mr.Shaw agrees. A person who thinks they are looking hot but have toilet paper under their shoe, to a person trying to look slick but tripping or falling is something Mr.Shaw finds funny.

We all have struggles but Mr.Shaw has a struggle we all can relate to: procrastination. Procrastination is something we all have done and something we should all really take care of.

An important piece of advice can change someone’s perspective of life and even alter their life in a good way and I think people should really take this advice Mr.Shaw has given as it is very important to me is about character.

”Character is built each time you do the right thing even though it costs you something like your friendship. It’s easy to be a good person when everyone else is being a good person, but what do you do when your friend is stealing or you see someone doing the wrong thing. Do you let it slide and what you do when nobody is looking which decides what type of person you are.” 

Mr. Shaw has had many jobs like working in an ice cream parlor, working in a hospital, restaurants and has been a bartender, has been a  tutor and worked in professional theaters.

The way Mr. Shaw keeps a work/life balance is when he gets in his car he thinks about what he is going to do for work because he has a forty five minute drive home but once he gets home he is home.

One thing most people don’t know about Mr.Shaw is that he has dyslexia and he is a English teacher. When he was young, he was a bad speller and a very slow reader and it wasn’t until he graduated college that he found out he had dyslexia, but this just proves that it does not matter what disabilities or issues you have because if you believe in yourself you are unstoppable.

Mr.Shaw doesn’t really have any favorite actors but he really likes Ian McKellen, who plays Magneto in the X-Men movies and he also like Robert De Niro who has played in “Taxi Driver” and the “Joker.”  Tom Hanks is also an actor Mr.Shaw admires. 

Mr.Shaw loves theater. He has memorized many famous theater plays and lines; he admires acting, it is simply art to him. 

Mr.Shaw has taught many people how to act and many are commercial actors and they get paid a lot.

Mr.Shaw is a good teacher.