Mrs. Petersen

“My teachers in highschool I guess were the reason I wanted to be a teacher,” Mrs. Petersen said. “I had the same teacher for eleventh and twelfth grade and I just really liked the way she taught English and I guess I enjoyed it so much, I just wanted to do the same for students. “

Lara Petersen, a wife, mother, and teacher. She was raised in Riverside and lived her whole life, besides a short time living in Utah. With a degree in English and almost her masters degree in English from Cal Baptist, Mrs. Petersen is not only devoted to her education; but the education of others as well. She is very genuine with everything she says, when you’re talking to her you can tell she is genuinely invested in the conversation. In February of 2020 her husband and her will have been married for 20 years with two children.

She has many hobbies including cooking when she is not being rushed, gardening, scrapbooking, and reading. Besides being an English teacher Mrs. Petersen has a love for math, she is extremely good at it and always has been. She hopes to finish her masters degree within the next few years and is currently working on her thesis. She went to Cal Baptist for 2 years attempting to do night school, she did that program but she was burned out at the end with the constant work. 

Mrs. Petersen is a loving, kind and caring woman. She said ¨family is everything to me.¨ In fact, she lives in the house she was raised in as a child.

 “People have told me they thought I was a snob because I am really shy,” Mrs Petersen said. 

She is actually a very sweet person, once you get passed the shyness and she comes out of her shell. She enjoys being told by her students that she is doing a good job and has affected a students life in some way. 

A life-defining moment that helped her choose to take the pathway that she did was marrying her husband.

 “When I met my husband, I knew that there was something wrong with him, but I was already in love with him before I knew how serious it was. ̈ 

Her and her husband got married and it was  ̈difficult, ̈ in her own words. Her whole life she wanted to get married and have children, so when they got married a lot changed. She thought that someone was going to support her and she would be able to stay home and take care of her children, but she has always had to work and support her family because her husband is unable. She loves and cares for her husband a lot and she stepped up and did what she had to do to support her family. 

“When I got my credentials, I did my student teaching with my high school English teacher, and I still keep in touch with her to this day, ̈ she said. 

Even though this job is stressful her bright smile still remains on her face everyday. One thing she looks forward to everyday is seeing her best friend Mrs. Reyes. 

“Getting this job and meeting Mrs. Reyes has really had a huge impact on my life because she has become my best friend and she has given me a lot of support, and I never thought I would have that kind of relationship with someone I work with,” Mrs. Petersen said.