Mr. Nakatani

Moreno Valley High School is a place of pain and joy. Many teens hate high school, but maybe they’d appreciate it a little more if they got to know our teachers. It should be noted that Moreno Valley High School has a range of teachers from humble to Kanye West confidence. Out on the humble side there’s Mr.Nakatani, who is truly a reliable school district teacher. 

Mr.Nakatani can very easily be seen as a man of mystery till you meet him . He may come off as secretive, but is more of an open book. He is more than willing to share life stories without any context of asking for one.

Moreno Valley consist of middle class citizens, some may be lower than middle and some may be higher but the piece of information that Mr. Nakatani feels should be shared is that he grew up ̈dirt poor ̈ and is now living a middle class life. 

 As a part of the higher lower class growing up, his greatest struggle was being a target of bullying, because being a Japanese descendant served him some rough times after Pearl Harbor. He shared that he never had new clothes and when his jeans got roughed up his mom would sew patches over the holes but overall that just got him picked on. 

¨I would ask my mom to sew the patches on the inside of my clothes that it wasn’t as noticeable, that was my of getting away with it, ̈ Nakatani said.  The harshness of it all was that he wasn’t even being picked on for being smart he was picked on for his ethnicity and wealth.

Mr. Nakatani had stated that his greatest struggle is trying to get his kids through college.

“As an educator you’d think it would be easy, but its not, it’s a challenge,¨ Nakatani said.

His heart was real hurt when he found out his youngest son didn’t want to go to college, especially since his son got into a fight over it in middle school because he didn’t know there was another option to not go to college. Mr.Nakatani was shocked when his son told him in high school that he didn’t want to go to college. 

The piece of advice that Nakatani wanted to share was ̈ Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t burn yourself out and understand that it takes time and effort to learn things be patient. ̈ He believes it truly takes time to be effective at certain things. He added that ¨When kids come to you for help, help them, because they can easily give up, kids don’t like to ask for help so when they come to you for help, it’s a big deal. ̈  

When challenged with a bad day the best way to push through it for Mr. Nakatani is to ̈remember the days you helped that one student you knew wasn’t gonna make it but you felt it made a difference. ̈ That’s why he’s here; it’s for those kids. This is what pushes him to make a better teaching day of tomorrow.