Ms. Simpson

Ms. Simpson went to RCC to get her associates degree, Cal State San Bernardino to get her bachelors degree and Chapman University to get her teaching credential and masters degree. 

She worked as a construction, secretarial worker, retail worker, waitressing and a lot more different jobs. 

Ms. Simpson’s hobbies will have to be gardening and she hasn’t had time for more hobbies because she’s been working. 

Ms. Simpson’s nickname is Maggie. 

She’s traveled to Japan, China, Italy, Puerto Rico and most of the United States. 

What attracted her to her job was that she likes working with the kids which are students and loves to teach math to her students, those two go together because she likes teaching, working with students. 

She doesn’t really have a funny story about herself. Most people that don’t know about her is that she was married before, she came from a large family and couldn’t pay for her education so she had to do it herself. 

What makes Ms. Simpson laugh is a lot of things, like silly things kids do and fun things her niece does. 

She says to try new things one thing at a time, if you try to stress out too much about trying to do everything at once it gets to hard. So she just deals with it when it comes her way.

Ms. Simpson’s personal background is she’s single, divorced once, and doesn’t plan on getting married again. She also doesn’t have children, she only has nieces so those are like her children. 

Ms. Simpson’s favorite toy is a talking Beanie doll she said she knows she’s too old to know who Beanie is, He came from a cartoon series called Beanie and Cecil. She used to watch it when she was a child. She said we weren’t born yet when she had a talking Beanie doll and the cartoon Beanie and Cecil. The best compliment she received was kids telling her high school picture was very pretty, that was nice and they also tell her thank you for what they received for her, so that’s even better. 

Ms. Simpson’s favorite movie is The Story of the American president and she said she has more but can’t think of more. 

Her favorite food would have to be chocolate because she loves chocolate so much. She said she’s addicted to chocolate likes to eat it sometimes. 

Also, her favorite music is Adele, Harry Styles, and more. 

Ms. Simpsons favorite weekend activity is relaxing, letting all the stress of the week go. Ms. Simpsons stresses is waking up early and working, but she works that out by relaxing on the weekend. 

Ms. Simpson achieved these goals by graduating high school and then going to college.

Ms. Simpson was in gymnastics when she was in her high school years. That’s her favorite sport as a teenager. 

Ms. Simpson health and balance is getting enough sleep. 

She was born like in the 90s or 70s. That’s pretty cool to be born at that time of year.