Mr. Torres

“I go to a lot of different concerts,” Mr. Torres said. “Last week I went to a concert in Downtown LA; I went to see Angels and Airwaves last week on Tuesday. So I go to those types of concerts– not as much as before because I’m limited on time– but I still go to festivals like Coachella.” 

Students often fail to acknowledge the personal lives of their teachers. Little do they know, teachers probably share similar interests with their students– whether it be over music, sports, or even video games. 

Mr. Torres is a Contemporary and Digital Media teacher at Moreno Valley High in the morning and a part time college professor at Riverside City College in the evening. This is his first year teaching high school. 

“It’s been challenging so far and I’m learning a lot,” he said. “I know I’ll do better next year; I always try to do better every year with everything I do. I try to make it better for next time so I’m always learning– learning is fun to me.”

It may sound like teaching all day is a tiring job, but Mr. Torres kindly disagrees.

“My work is my hobby since I love what I do,” he remarked.

Mr. Torres grew up in LA, in a little community called El Sereno. 

“We moved in when I was around 5 years old or 3 years old; we’ve always stayed there, my parents still live there so we never really moved out,” Torres said. “Other than when I grew up and went to school and moved away and I moved back and then I moved away again. So now I live in Corona and I still come back home almost every weekend.”

He attended UCLA for a brief time but couldn’t resonate with it. He found himself content at Pasadena City College, however.

“I didn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t for me and I just wanted to get my life going and just start working.” He continued, “Maybe it was a good thing because if I went to UCLA I’d probably have a lot of debt.”

Mr. Torres didn’t jump straight into teaching though.

“Before teaching I worked for a private printing company during the day time– a company in Ontario called James Litho,” he shared.

Now the digital media teacher spends his time traveling and going on adventures all over the States.

“I’ve traveled to lots of different places,” Torres said. Not outside of North America, but I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. Places I’ve traveled are, you know, just around the state, of course, California, Texas; over the summer I went to Nashville– so that’s Tennessee, and I went to Louisville, Kentucky so just in that area– did a little road trip and went to a conference– but that’s the only one place I went to this year. Last year I didn’t do too much traveling, but I’ve been to Chicago, Boston, I’ve never been to New York, Washington, I still want to go there, so you know, just typical little places around; San Diego, Santa Barbara, in the desert, Moreno Valley, just all those places.”

In the end, Mr. Torres believes anyone can achieve their goals and be just as successful if they put their minds to it.

“Just keep on dreaming and have your goals set and reach those goals,” Torres advises. “The only regret I have is that I didn’t set those goals earlier so I couldn’t reach them faster. Set your goals and then reach them, then move on to new goals because you could just stay in a holding pattern and you just get settled and comfortable where you’re at and you don’t want to move from there.”