New Club Encourages Students to be “Aware of Self Care”

Mrs. Allbee and Mental Health club founder Jasmine Salinas.

After seeing a Twitter post on mental health, sophomore Jasmine Salinas and junior, and President, Marlene Mendez came up with their “Aware of Selfcare” club, which will create a free space for students to express their inner thoughts, and help establish healthy coping mechanisms. 

Although plans have not been officially set, the two students hope for others to feel comfortable with the open discussions they are planning for their first meeting which will be on Wednesday, October 23rd, in Mrs. Albee’s room; S201. 

“[Mental health is an important topic] because many end their lives over this,” Salinas said. “[For instance], there’s always that annoying, bad kid, who just needs someone to understand. You think they’re annoying but inside they’re just hurting, and that’s what people don’t understand.” 

Salinas also believes that the reason why students feel so “stressed” is because of the number of homework teachers give out. 

“It’s not just [about] the work, you know [we] have stuff at home too… I know I’m not the only one in this school that suffers with their anxiety or their stress, [so] it’ll be good for students to have a support group, someone you can talk to,” Salinas said. 

Salinas hopes to help many through the club and enjoy her experience with it. 

“[I hope to gain] peace, mostly peace. Like, having to say you helped all these students cope with their stress or with their anxiety, whatever they have going on at home; [I hope] its just peace.”