The First Dance of the Year

Class of 2020 Seniors Evelyn Carmona-Soto, and Quyen Nguyen enjoying their last homecoming!

MVHS had a Blast to the Past! with their decades Homecoming Dance.

On September 21st, Moval had their annual Homecoming dance in the MPR. This year’s theme was Decades. Each class had a different decade, starting at the 60s for the freshman, making their way to the 90s for the seniors ! Many students enjoyed the dance this year, including scenery, and the ambiance as a whole. 

“It’s one of the best dances I’ve been to in a while, I really liked it-” Senior Raahki Muhammad said. when asked for his thoughts on the dance. 

Sophomore Kristina Head also commented on the dance. 

“It’s a nice dance,” Head commented. “I really like the decorations this year.”  

Although the dance was a success to some students, others had complaints about the price, location, and the amount of people there. 

“Homecoming this year is way too expensive, the dance is cool, but not as many people as last year,” Mia Gonzalez, who is a senior at Moreno Valley, said  “I feel that if they were to lower the price, then more people would have definitely came.” 

Also Senior Alex Altamirano, and Junior Lizbeth Topete both agreed that the dance would have been better if it was in the gym. 

Through the good and the bad of the dance, most students agree that the best part of the dance is the experience, vibes, and making memories with friends. 

“It’s probably the best part of the year, it’s so fun, and it has a feel-good-vibe,” Landon Torres, a sophomore, said 

And Senior Evelyn Carmona also stated, “This is our last homecoming and we’re really glad we get to spend it with our closest friends.”

Just like junior Sophia Santos said, “This is probably one of our most successful dances of the year, and this is the first one! Anyways, I hope we can all do some more cool dance moves and more people come soon!”. 

In the words of Earth, Wind, and Fire, we will remember this 21st night of September.