For Choir Students, the Workload is Heavy, but the Payoff is Worth It

Choir’s spring concert was a “success” with the songs that students from all grades have been practicing, even before the show and with quite some difficult on their hands.

The spring concert mainly focused on three groups: concert choir, vocal jazz and advanced women’s choir. Each group performed three songs. Every single student had something to bring to the table and showed the true talent that MVHS students have.

The choir teacher Mrs.Jackson did a good job with teaching her students the song and by letting them pick the songs from what they have heard from event that they have gone to.

“Well the songs that we chose were a mixture of the things that the kids have heard at other choir festivals that they gone to and that they really loved then some of it is we’re lucky to have a district Honor Choir and we just like some of the song so much we just kept them so much,” Mrs.Jackson said. “…it’s tough to teach anyone anything that’s hard, which is hard because there’s a lot of different parts to it, but they love it so it’s fun to teach them something hard”.

Many choir students love the class and the people so much that they are planning on taking the class again next year. They also say that sometimes it’s difficult to learn the material but most of the stuff really isn’t.

Junior Isaias Birts said, “ I would definitely join choir again I just love the environment and Mrs. Jackson is just such a great teacher.”

Sophomore Giselle Urena said “ Yes I would join choir again next year,” … Urena also added “that she just loves the energy and the vibe that the people from her group would give.”

Many where just pun in that class just because they don’t choose classes on time and others would just sign up for the class to mess around thinking they wouldn’t make it.

“I never really joined choir I was just put in this my freshman year because I did not choose my classes on time so the school picked it for me, but I ended up really liking the class even if at first I

was just goofing off in the beginning, but Mrs. Jackson really helped me a lot,” said Birts.

“I signed up for the class just goofing off and not thinking i was gonna actually make it into the class but then audition and made it and just really liked the class” said Urena.

There will also be a Coffee House concert on Friday May 10th where they will be entertainment, free coffee and desert you can pre-order the tickets at B-81.