Tardy Sweeps Meant to Increase Student Accountability

Moreno Valley High School administrators and staff hope that enforcing the tardy sweep will help with students’ attendance. The tardy sweep was created with the purpose of teaching students to be responsible and manage their time as they get to class on time.

“This is a way for us to teach students accountability in getting to class on time,” Mr.Peeples, administrator, said. “As they graduate from high school, colleges and employers will not have a tardy program, so if we can teach our students responsibility now then we are doing good.”

The tardy sweep was made to help with students’ attendance and in the hope of helping bring up students grades since it more students will be in class and more work will get done.

“I have mixed feelings, I think it will help most, but not all,” Mr.Pepe, Counselor, said. “It won’t help the chronic tardies.”

The tardy sweep has been going since 2000 and has shown some improvement. During a tardy sweep teachers are told to close their doors after the bell rings and not to let any students in once they are considered late. The students then have to go get a pass where they will be told that they need to serve lunch detention or go to Saturday school as a consequence for not getting to class on time.

Consequences are established for those who don’t get to class on time, since students are provided an eight minute passing period to get to our next class.

“We have an eight minute passing period, plenty of time to get from one class to another,” Mr.Peeples said. “So, in the real world, when students are late to a job, they get fired.  Or, late to a college class, they get dropped from college. Students need to learn to be responsible with their behavior and how they operate on a daily basis.”

This year there have been a couple of tardy sweeps that have not been consistent and most students usually find out about before they happen.

“It would be a surprise, I know that telling them [the students] decreases the number of students that  need to be processed but it defeats the purpose,” Mrs.Villa, Biology Teacher, said. “You want them to eventually go to class on time, at the beginning it’ll be because they don’t want the consequence, but the goal is for it to become a habit for them.”

Even with a tardy sweep there are still students late specially on first period. However the overall attendance of the school as improved. In addition to doing a tardy sweep there are posters around the school letting students know what time school starts and to make sure to get ere on time as well as the no go lists that are posted trout the school for those students with extreme absences or tardies that aren’t allowed to attend school events because if it.