What Seniors Did on Senior Ditch Day and Why That Isn’t So Bad

Senior Ditch Day is a high school tradition, commonly held the Monday following Senior Prom, where the majority of the senior class skips school. However for our school, it happened on April 19th to commemorate the class of 2019.

Traditionally, the senior class will organize a time and place to meet up and be truant together but that doesn’t always work out; so groups of friends usually set out to do their own thing that day.

A couple groups of those seniors, whose names will be anonymous (you sneaky sneaky admin you), decided to share what they did on the 19th.

“On senior ditch day I went to the mall to look for a dress that I’m going to wear to a wedding, but I didn’t find anything so I was really mad. I ended up going to Chino later on and got sushi with my family. I got my first coffee that has those drawings on them [latte art] and it was really good, which surprised me because im picky about my coffee. It was a pretty good day,” said an 18 year-old female senior.

Another 17 year-old male senior shared his experience. “I went to the beach with four of my friends for the whole school day. We did beach activities, swam, played soccer, listened to music, etc. We enjoyed the day as we reflected upon our senior year. Taking in the very moment of our youth, enjoying the moment we’ve been fortunate enough to have.”

“On senior ditch day I woke up got ready and picked up my friends,” said an 18 year-old female senior, “We went to go eat Denny’s because we were hungry. After that we booked an appointment to go see holland lop bunnies. We went to the ranch in riverside and touched bunnies for about an hour. We then went to the Tyler mall to watch La Llorona at the AMC movie theatre. We got some makeup in the mall for prom and then watched the movie. After that we went to go eat sushi at Sushi Okoku. While eating we bought some K-pop concert tickets. We got the worst seats. Then we went home.”

I believe that Senior Ditch Day is not only something that all seniors should participate in but also something that administrators and teachers stand behind and support. I know that sounds bad but no matter how many regulations, tests, or writing assignments that determine your grade are given the day of, seniors will still ditch. While I can understand how this day may frustrate administration, I don’t think that one day out of the whole year will do a lot of damage. Especially if supportive teachers join in and plan a “work day” or move would-be tests/quizzes to another day.

So why jeopardize these seniors who just want to participate in a tradition that has been going on for generations? The way I see it, the only way this day can negatively affect seniors is if the administration/teachers actively try and punish these students for participating and missing school.