The Gender Pocket Gap

Women’s jeans need deeper pockets, or maybe even just pockets in general. That would really be preferable. Now, ladies, let’s get real, how many have you tried on a pair of jeans, they fit you right, they make you feel good, and you buy them with anticipation to wear them out for the first time  – then, the day you first decide to wear them out, you find out that the pockets on it are fake. What is the point of putting a faux pocket on jeans? And since when are pockets something that only men get to indulge in? Not only that, they get deeper pockets!

Now, I’m not about to make this a gender issue because that’s not what this article is about. So instead of having you sit there and me complain to you about women’s pocket sizes, I’m going to complain to you women’s pocket sizes and give you research as to why they are so ridiculously small.

According to British Newspaper site, The Independent, a team from The Pudding carried out research and discovered that women’s pockets were “48% smaller and 6.5% more narrow than those in men’s jeans.”

“Why” you might ask. Well for aesthetic purposes, of course. The team analyzed 80 different pairs of jeans from 20 different major brands, and found that women’s pockets were a lot smaller than men’s for aesthetic purposes.

They tested all of these jeans to see which could hold your everyday pocket items – that being phone, keys, and wallet. And guess who won? That’s right, men’s jeans had the better results. The men’s jeans were able to fit the iPhone X in the pockets and roughly 95 percent of a Samsung Galaxy phone. You could fit anything in men’s pockets like your keys, wallet, cell phone, lip balm, and your English teacher’s student debt. I mean you can fit a lot in there.

And let’s not ignore the amazing moment of when we (women) wear jeans or shorts and they actually have good sized pockets, those instantly become your favorite pair solely because of the pockets.

Another finding from the study indicated that brand that has the biggest pockets sizes in women’s jeans were Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as H&M and American Eagle.

So brands need to stop making women’s pockets significantly smaller than men’s, looks like we are all still struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans that have enough pocket space in a quest I like to call, “The Gender Pocket Gap.”