Band: Quite Possibly the Most Underrated Activity on Campus

Sophomore Elsa Haro posing next to a mark tree. She was setting up percussion instruments during sixth period marching band.

Band is an incredibly underrated activity. It is something that has not only changed my life, but it has changed the lives of most of the people in it.  It shapes us into better human beings and musicians all while being an enjoyable, though difficult, activity to participate in; it is an experience like no other.

¨It made me a better person… it builds character, ̈ sophomore Elsa Haro said.

Haro is a member of The Viking Regiment’s percussion section. She has been in band for five years, and she said she stays in it because of her love for music and because band allows her to be productive. Band has brought her out of her comfort zone, and she’s just one of the many members who feels like band has impacted her in a positive way.

Senior trumpet player and past trombone section leader, Fred Flores, said that band has given him more confidence.

¨It has let me be the person that I am, like, you know, more carefree and stuff like that, ̈ Flores added. ¨It’s these multiple things, and that’s what I am, so it’s really cool.¨

Brandon Alvarado, sophomore and trombone player, said that band has taught him discipline.

¨I just used to f*** around a lot, and right now, like, things are a little more serious, ̈ Alvarado said. He also mentioned that it is a good program for building up confidence, and it gives you a feeling of  ̈self-accomplishment.¨

Not only does band improve the character of its members, but it also allows us to be a part of an environment that we are proud of and enjoy being in. It is a place that has let us step out of our comfort zone because it is our comfort zone.

¨I enjoy the atmosphere that we have. It’s really, like, cool and relaxed except for, like, when we have to get stuff done… and the sense of family that we have, that’s the reason I keep on staying, ̈ Flores added.

Sophomore and bassoon player, Dominic Cruz, shared similar views to that of Flores.

¨I stay ’cause everybody’s so supportive, and it’s like a big family. And I like that, ̈ Cruz stated.

It is evident that being a part of band is a positive and enjoyable experience for those in it; however, it is something that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Haro, Flores, Alvarado, and Cruz have all admitted that it is something that’s difficult and causes them to feel frustrated and stressed out. Yet, the end results are something that they take pride in.

“When it comes all together, it makes you think, like, ‘Wow, that was worth it’,”Haro mentioned.

It has been agreed that, though band can be rough at times and time-consuming, it is worth every second. Band has allowed us to spend time with great people who share our love and passion for music, and it has helped us develop positive qualities and learn lessons that we will take with us wherever we go.


̈Join band!̈ added Cruz.