Anthem: The Flop of a Good Concept

Anthem is a new game by BioWare. BioWare are the developers of the Mass Effect series. Anthem was going to be their comeback into showing their fans they are listening and trying to give them what they want in a game.

Mass Effect was a big game for gamers when it was first introduced. It was the best out of the trilogy to many players. Some say 2 was better, but they are all opinions. Andromeda was a completely different story line. It was a disappointment to many at launch.

Mass Effect Andromeda was not the same at launch as it is today, Today it seems like a polished game with almost no bugs. At launch, people had complaints. Face design is an example of what people complained about. The faces had textures that seemed unfinished. Some of the AI didn’t work how they should have, and there were a lot of glitches. As of today, it is worth its original price, but it is too late as the game is not very relevant now.

Moving on to talk about Anthem. Anthem has been released for about four weeks now; the reviews are in, and they rate Anthem a 6 out of 10. Complaints are around how unfinished things are, and how glitches are hurting the experience. Some people saying the game can completely kill a ps4. However, people do still play the game. BioWare did release an update that fixed some problems, but there are still things wrong.

People had high hopes for the game. They respected how it was delayed a few times. But did BioWare do something wrong? Did the publisher, Electronic Arts, have anything to do with this flop of a game? Is there still hope for this game? Only time will reveal the answers to our questions. But I do have a question that everyone should care about seriously. If a game is delayed several times, should we have higher expectations for the release of the game? This applies to more than video games, it can be anything. If a company delays a product, should the final product be better. Should it have less issues?

Let the questions sink in a while, then tell me what you think in the comments. What questions do you have? What does this make you think more about?