Something Needs to Be Done About the Cleanliness of Our Restrooms

Everyday, students at MVHS have to deal with dirty bathrooms and decide on whether using those dirty bathrooms is worth it or if they should just try to hold it until they get home.  

We have to deal with issues such as clogged toilets, toilets that don’t always flush, and trash everywhere. Sometimes we even lack hygiene products. Too often, we run out of hand soap and toilet paper, and there are rarely ever toilet seat covers.

Dirty bathrooms are not only gross, but they are making students feel uncomfortable with using the bathroom during school. And, for the sake of our health and staying clean, we should never be out of products such as toilet paper and soap. We should also be provided with more toilet seat covers.

In all my years at this school, I have only seen toilet seat covers once in a bathroom, and I am not the only student who is bothered by this. I, along with a few people I’ve discussed this issue with, result to ripping pieces of toilet paper and setting it on the seats.

The cleanliness is our school bathrooms needs to be improved. There is hardly ever a day where I walk into one of our bathrooms on campus and see it clean. And, the girls’ bathrooms are not the only ones that are dirty.

“I rarely go in there ‘cause of how bad it is in there,” Senior Fred Flores said.

Flores said that the bathrooms make him uncomfortable, so he just waits to use the bathroom when he gets home. No student should have to wait all day to use the bathroom because the ones in their school are not clean.

Senior Efrain Lopez also feels that the bathrooms’ cleanliness can be improved by “actually having toilet paper on the roll things” and “mopping and not having there be a whole bunch of water on the floor all the time.”

These are problems that I have seen in the girls’ bathrooms as well. There have been times where I have had to go from bathroom to bathroom on campus to find one that had toilet paper in it, and there have been times where there’s water and other liquids on the floor.

The cleanliness in our bathrooms needs to improve; however, it will take work from both staff and students.

It is obvious that students at this school are a big part of the bathroom problem. Some kids leave messes in the bathroom and do unnecessary and disrespectful things such as throwing wet toilet paper on the ceilings.

It is important that those of us who want clean bathrooms do our best to prevent these situations. We can make sure that we clean up after ourselves and report issues when we see them.

Staff should also monitor the bathrooms more. Unfortunately, there will always be students who make a mess. But, if the bathrooms are constantly monitored, the messes would not get out of hand.

It is also the responsibility of our staff to make sure that we don’t run out of the products that we need to stay clean.

Going to the bathroom at school shouldn’t be something that makes students feel grossed out and uncomfortable. Students and staff need to work together on keeping our bathrooms clean.