The Art of Saving Lives

12th grader Emanuel Valadez getting prepped to get his blood drawn.

Moreno Valley High School held their second blood drive of the 2018-2019 school year on March 15th. Students 16 years and up and staff were all able to donate either blood or plasma.

Music played in the background as ASB students helped care for the donors during and after they had their blood drawn. Snacks and water were provided to the donors if they wished to have some.

ASB is in charge of the blood drive every year and the students in the class are also able to donate at the end of the day when the rest of the student body and faculty has already had their opportunity.

“It makes me feel good knowing that I can help people out,” 12th grader Isaac Beers said. “I definitely recommend it to everyone, blood always comes back so what’s the point of saving it all”.

There was a line full of people waiting to sign in and get started with their donations. Seats were put out in a waiting room area and the nurses would proceed to call them up from there.

“It’s kind of like a humbling experience and you’re able to help people at the same time,” 12th grader Annika Khan said.

Many of the donors were aware of what cause the blood was going to and the amount of people it could save, this being the main reason which lead them to donating.

“I decided to donate because I want to save the lives of little babies,” 12th grader Claudia Rosas said.

Students were continuously coming in and going out, and ASB students were guiding them to where they needed to go. After donating they were required to stay at least 10 minutes in after care and the ASB students helped them take their belongings to the aftercare mat so that they would not strain themselves.

“I mean it’s not like painful or anything,” 12th grader Elizabeth Gomez said. “Unless you’re really like scared of blood and stuff or looking at it, then it’s just an initial pinch then you’re fine”.