When Music is a Passion

Moreno Valley High School Marching Band performs in the Perris Christmas Parade on December 8, 2018.

Romeo Orozco, Staff Writer

Music has always been a very important thing in my life. To me it’s something that we all have been gifted with, in this life. Most of you probably do the little “oosa” meditation joint but for me, I listen to music. I am mostly a fan of sound. Don’t get me wrong, music with lyrics is good, but just the rhythm of beats catches my attention. According to Live For Live Music, music has great effects on the human body such as increasing our happiness, our speed, decreasing stress and increasing health, improving sleep, and more.

I gathered a few people who are currently in band to share their passion for band, most of them had some interesting thoughts about why they became a musician. I thought maybe it was just simply the love for sound, like I have, but I was proven otherwise.

Some of the students I interviewed in the band were so interested that they even started their own personal band.

Chloe Farquhar, senior, has come a long way with her passion for music. She is currently playing the trombone and is also a drum major. She started playing music in her younger years – 4th grade to be exact. She became interested in music throughout the inspiration of her cousins then found it to be something interesting in her life.

“Yeah, as dorky as it sounds, it makes me feel really warm inside,” Farquhar said. “Band is something that is so special to me. And being a part of it kind of feels like home. It can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes because it’s a lot of work, and being a leader can be a lot of pressure. But, it’s definitely something that keeps me going, even if I don’t always see it in the moment.”

Farquhar and her friends have started a band, and even made covers together. The biggest inspiration she has as of this moment is the lead singer in a band called “Alvvays.” he lead singer is Molly Rankin; she is a singer and a guitarist. She has four other family that are musicians, including her father John Morris Ranklin.

“If there’s anybody out there considering getting into music in any type of way they should go for it because it’s such an amazing thing to be a part of,” Farquhar said.

Music can sometimes be more of a pull for friendships and family, what do I mean by this? I’ll tell you – not everyone has the strong passion for music such as Chloe; at times people join band to stick close to the people they care about. Many other times, people just try it because their family members were in it or just because of the pressure their parents can give them to join band. An example of one of these people would be through Carlos Lopez, a member of the drum line who plays the tenors in Moreno Valley High School. He also plays various instruments such as the marimba, snare, bass drum, and other auxiliary percussion. With the many talents he has as vice president, Lopez was mostly pressured to be in band and was honestly not going to join the music program.

“I was not going to join the music program at all, but stayed because I have gotten to build friendships with such hardworking, talented people in the band and play music alongside with them,” Lopez said. “I have developed a passion for music, which is why I have been an active member since 9th grade.”

Jose Lopez Ruiz, freshman, is one person who decided to be in band because his friends were in it and he had decided to learn about more about music to practice the songs he loves so much. 

Music is a great thing to love and be surrounded by its a part of our happiness and brings us closer together. Sometimes it can even create sadness, but it is all how you make it.