Battle of the Bathroom

Female MVHS students have taken notice that the upstairs girl’s restroom is locked a lot more frequently than the boy’s restroom.

Ever since our school has opened up the S-wing, it has become a noticeably popular building, for good reason, the classrooms are bigger, there are actual hallways which gives students a taste of the high school experienced portrayed in TV shows and films, and there are more bathroom stalls in the restrooms.

One would think that because there are more stalls, getting go to class would now be a lot easier being that you wouldn’t have to wait in a long line to use the restroom, especially when a student is coming from across campus. Unfortunately, the upstairs girl’s restroom in the S-wing seems to be locked more often than the boy’s restroom is. As a result, it becomes a huge inconvenient when a female student is coming from across campus having her next class in the second story of the S-wing, and tries to use the restroom only to be face the reality that it’s locked — again. Then she has to quickly go down stairs to use the restroom, only to see an entire line of girls who are now facing the same problem.

One would think that the obvious solution would be to just go back upstairs and ask a teacher for permission to go to the restroom, but there is a rule that teachers and students must follow – students are not to use restrooms in the first and last ten minutes of class. So, the student uses the restroom but before the student can even get into the stall, the bell rings and she is now late to a class where her teacher is very strict about punctuality.

Senior Diana Berumen says there is no point in having a bathroom there if it’s never going to be open.

“It’s really annoying how sometimes it is open. Once in a blue moon. And it gives me hope. Then the next day I go and it’s closed. And I miss my chance after walking up the steps,” Berumen said jokingly.

Locking the restroom and leaving only a single bathroom for students who take up most of the building is obviously going to cause more students to be late to class than usual.

“Students have eight minutes toget from one class to another,” Assistant Principal, Mr. Peeples said. “If students are walking from any other area on campus to the S-wing there are bathrooms on the way for them to use. Students do not have to wait to use the bathroom when they are in the S-wing.”

According to AAIIAC (Assistant Administrator of Instruction Improvement and Academic Coaching), Mr. Morton, the girl’s is not closed more than the boy’s in the S-wing, and the reason why it’s closed in the first place is for supervision purposes. In the limited time working here, the ditching people tend to go more to the girl’s bathroom more so than the boys, said Morton.

Mr. Peeples echoed Mr. Mortonś sentiments that the reason for the restrooms being locked is for supervision. He said that it’s often difficult for the Campus Supervisors to go back and forth from downstairs to upstairs for supervision, so administration can keep control over that by keeping only one bathroom open for all in the S-wing to use.

Yes. It is true that the S-wing restroom is not the only one on campus, but as mentioned earlier, it is the only restroom that has more stalls compared to all the other restrooms on campus. Furthermore, one can assume that the developers purposely placed restrooms on both levels to accommodate the number of students projected to fill the classrooms on each floor. Closing the upstairs restroom defeats that purpose all together.

“It’s inconvenient. One bathroom isn’t enough for all the students to go during passing period if they need to,” Berumen said.

Also, most of the time some of the stalls don’t work because they’re clogged due to the immature students who think it’s funny to inconvenience everyone else. So there’s no wonder why people prefer going to the S-wing bathroom, but since they are locked more often than the boy’s bathroom it is harder to get to class on time.

Junior Arianna Douangmala questioned the equity of the situation.

“I feel like they should have the boys locked too and just have the one downstairs,” Douangmala said. ¨Why have only the girl’s bathroom open when boys ditch too.”