Should the Pledge of Allegiance Be a Choice Or an Obligation?

Within the United States school system, it is tradition that students get up at a certain point of the day and pledge allegiance to the flag in the room. Many believe that this should be mandatory amongst students because it symbolizes respect and honor to our country, while others believe that it should be an option to get up whether you want to pledge or not. Standing up for the pledge should be an option but their should be encouragement towards students on why they should want to do it.

A contributor onDebate.Org states ̈People die for our country! The least we can do for the men and women fighting for our freedom overseas is to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Why would someone not stand up for such an easy thing. ̈

To stand up and say something that doesn’t take less than a minute is something relatively easy that us most students lack. Students should be taught that they should want to stand up because we live in a prosperous country that respects every individual and gives everyone rights. We are in the 21st century and there are problems that occur in our country all the time and this is a big reason to why many students say that they do not feel happy and respect the flag and that is why they won’t do it.

When asked on her thoughts whether  students should be forced to pledge or not, 12th grader Selana Cerros said ¨I believe it should be a choice if I don’t want to then why should I. ̈ It is students like this that dont appreciate our American freedoms and culture. We have been through so much since the founding of this country, it should mean nothing to put your hand over your heart and stare at the flag.

“I think that everyone should do it because it shows you´re actually proud of where your live and respect it, ̈ said senior Andy Reyes.

This is true, but then again, most people would say that they are not happy because there are still acts of sexism and racism and inequality in general. What I would say to that is America is not as substandard as people perceive it to be. If it was, why would citizens still be living here? Everyone has the right to move to a place that makes them happy and if you’re in the United States, we should be encouraged to pledge allegiance.