MVHS Went Greek For the Winter Pep Rally

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Greek mythology was the theme of this year’s winter pep rally, which was split into two separate hours, in order for more students to have the ability to attend the pep rally. Each class was assigned a different god or goddess, the freshmen got Aphrodite, the sophomores Hades, the juniors Poseidon, and seniors Zeus.

The pep rally was meant to acknowledge and congratulate all sports that went on during the winter season. The sports included were girls waterpolo, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls wrestling, and girls basketball. They congratulated Jahleel Holmes, senior, for his scholarship into Azusa Pacific University.

In between recognizing the various teams, ASB hosted games for audience members to participate in.

“I feel like the games have become too complex and they’re not really that fun to watch anymore,” said Michelle Calleja, senior. “Most of the time everyone is lost and don’t even know what’s going on.”

One game was played during both pep rallies that went with the Greek mythology theme. The object of the game, which was called “Slay the Medusa” was to hit the “medusa” with a pool noodle while blindfolded. One person from each class was chosen to play. Juniors won the first pep rally, and senior, Cesar Delgado, won the second pep rally.

“I wish the lower classmen would actually participate,” said Calleja. “Us seniors are always the only ones chanting and going all out for it, while the rest of the school seems to not care.”

During the second pep rally they allowed a dance battle in which they had also selected one student from each class, but ended before it was able to officially end because a female student had given an “inappropriate dance.”

“I went to the first pep rally and they did not do the dance battle, which is something I look forward to every year,” said Brianna Plascencia, senior. “It is giddy and everyone gets a kick out of it.”

During both pep rallies many seniors had been removed due to them having items that had been ban including things like confetti, despite teachers advising their students to live their backpack in class. After the class chant during the first pep rally confetti was thrown in the air and during the second both confetti and powder were thrown. Whether or not the students who threw the powder were caught is unknown.

“With the lack of confetti, balloons, silly string etc., it was boring.” said Calleja. “That added stuff can make it all the more fun.”

Something that was a change for most students was not seeing the tunnel the cheerleaders typically form for team members to run through when teams and members are acknowledged.

“I would like to see the little path that the cheerleaders create for the teams again,” said Plasencia. “It likely seemed kind of sad without it.”

A few complaints given by some interviewees were that pep rallies no longer felt the same and that this pep rally had seem fairly rushed.  Daisy Peralta, junior, said she felt as though the energy given during the pep rally should be improved.

Despite the complaints, many students do appreciate ASB’s efforts.

“I would like to add that ASB is doing an amazing job,” said Plascencia. “and I would like to thank them for trying to make senior year memorable.”