Verbal Abuse From A Parent/Guardian Impacts Teens Tremendously

The deepest scars are those that cannot be seen.. Verbal abuse is a form of domestic violence  which tends to leave its invisible mark on teens throughout their lives. Some parents might not even notice that their choice of abusive words can do life-long damage on their children.

It’s a growing problem for a teen to suffer from this emotional trauma happening in their own homes, especially coming from the ones who gave them life. This behavior tends to lower teens self-esteem and ability to question if they even matter. As stated by Danny Renteria 16, he says “ being mistreated by my own family makes me feel like.. I’m not wanted or- no one really cares about me.”

These teens develop an overwhelming amount of emotion from instability at home, and they need to discharge those feelings somehow. Trauma at home is much more difficult for them mainly because itś coming from their own family making them feel like they don’t  belong by the mistreatment. ¨It makes me feel like I’m not worth anything and they feed off of my mistakes. I feel that if you are a family member then you should love me unconditionally- regardless of my [expletive]-ups,¨ said Sean Norwood, 18.

It’s a growing problem for teens to share their homes with abusive parents because there is virtually no support. Harsh and unnecessary criticism can make them feel worthless, confused or angry with themselves just from the parents way of expression, and due to dissatisfaction or disappointment in their children, it causes their kids to initialize isolation or develop devastating behavior. These effects are long lasting and can initiate their actions in adulthood.

¨I know there are people out there who can relate- I talk to people everyday about it but as time goes by I’m learning to accept it and try to not linger onto the pain caused by my family,or anybody in general. Yeah it may take time but [pause] I’m not gonna let that kind of behavior destroy me completely.. I’m stronger than that.¨ said Solé Scorza, junior.

These experiences cause us to feel weak and hopeless. But, no matter what you’re going through in your life there are people out there who have gone through similar and sometimes worse situations. Don’t ever give up on yourself based on others behavior towards you. Remain strong and keep fighting.