Oily or Combo Skin? Pick Your Poison

Brianna Plascencia, Staff Writer

After dealing with acne for years, upperclassmen share some advice on how to battle acne depending on the type of skin they have.

There are five different skin types but the most common seem to be oily and combo. These two skin types vary in characteristics and the nutrients it needs. Therefore, not everyone uses the same type of products or gives the same advice on how to deal with acne.

Those who have oily skin produce high amounts of sebum and tend to be prone to acne because the oil blocks the pores causing pimples and may feature blackheads and white heads.  

A good solution to deal with oily skin is to know the dos and don’ts for your skin type and find products that balance it out.

Natalie Flores, a senior with oily skin whose acne used to be severe says that trying to achieve dry skin completely is not the answer.

“Don’t over wash your face…when you have oily skin and you keep washing it over and over, you’re losing layers of skin that protects it which results in more oil being produced,” Flores said.

Instead of overwashing, people should find products that are gentle on the skin and do not completely strip away the natural oils from the skin.  

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is one of the recommendations for those with oily skin.

Products that are recommended to deal with oily skin are Shea Moisture African Soap with an exfoliating brush, Cetaphil, Proactive, a Clean and Clear cleanser, and apple cider vinegar once in a while.

If products like these are not working try an alternative. Diego Rivera, a senior who has cleared up his acne, recommends giving natural remedies a try.

“…chances are you got something in your cabinet or fridge that can help your skin. Just do some research,” Rivera said.

People with combo skin slightly differ from those with oily skin because they tend to be oily in some parts of the face and dry on others which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is needed to treat the acne.

Yessica Viramontes, a junior, recommends trying out different products until you know exactly what works for you.

There are not specific products people with combo skin should stay away from they should just be “…cautious with the reaction they get with whatever they use…try some creams and see what works out for you,” Viramontes said.

Some products that are known to work for people with combo skin are Neutrogena soap, a treatment cream from Clearasil, and if you are looking for something high-end the Peter Thomas Roth kit will do wonders.

The products that are used are important but also the way that the skin is treated matters despite what type of skin you have. Selena Cerros, a senior who has always struggled with acne recommends to not pick at your face.

“The best advice I can give is to NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES! I can not emphasize this enough it will give you acne scars and trust me those suck more than the acne,” Cerros said.