Behind the Beat

An inside look at one of MoVal’s own musicians.

“Rapping is just a way to have fun and express my thoughts. It’s important to me because it shows character and personality,” – Jace Frazier, sophomore.

The boy takes a deep breath, closing his eyes, trying to jump onto his train of thought grasping the idea tight, hoping it doesn’t get clouded with all the other ideas he’s got running through his mind. He starts recording and the words flow out like there’s no tomorrow, getting lost in the poems that are accompanied with a beat. Jace Frazier, a boy who’s loved the concept of rapping and singing since he was young. Someone who knows the beats like the back of his hand. Rapping – a window to his mind.

“I started rapping because I have always been into rapping and singing,” Frazier said.“So I just thought, why not try to make my own music.”

Soundcloud is a streaming music service founded in 2007 that allows users to both listen to songs and upload their own content, and it’s free of charge. It’s ease of use and accessibility has made it the go-to platform for aspiring young musicians from around the globe to share their creations, and spawned the eponymous new genre that first came to wider prominence in 2017 – helped in part by a series of articles by New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica, which proclaimed SoundCloud rap as hip-hop’s punk moment, stated an article by Financial Review.

They say that it takes one small spark to start a fire and you could say that this is only the first ember of the flames soon to come. One of Jace’s songs “Ballin’” already has about 2,000 listens. And he hopes for more in the future, trying his hardest to get his music out there through social media.

“People usually share my posts and that gets me more listeners,” Frazier said.

The main thing to focus on when rapping is individuality. You should be able to find your own beat and just let the tsunami of ideas wash over you.

“Just be yourself and don’t try and steal someone else’s flow. Too many people nowadays try to sound like someone else and it really does not fit them well,” Frazer said.