The Negatives of Being a Skater

Some people might think it’s pretty cool to be a skater, but there are negatives too.

“It’s rare to meet a cool cop or security guard, just because we skate, and I know sometimes we might be breaking the law by trespassing, but I just feel like we would get target more than a random person trespassing, playing basketball,” Axel Linares, a freshman who has been skating for about two years now, said.

Some tips to not have bad experience with a cop or security guard is to treat them how you would want to be treated and if there being rude to you right away just ignore it and let them do there job.

According to, more than 25,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year with skateboarding-related injuries.This is because skateboarding is a very dangerous sport, but most skaters don’t care because they’re just trying to have fun.

“At least we’re not out doing drugs or gangbanging, we’re just playing a sport,” Earl Jackson, sophomore (whose name has been changed) said.

Some of the most common types of injuries include: sprains, fractures (head, knee, and leg), contusions, abrasions. According to, but there are some tips to prevent injuries from happening more often. Try not to jaywalk, try not to hitchhike cars, and try wearing safety gear. And those are some tips to prevent injuries from happening, use these tips if you don’t like getting hurt.

There are about 2,335 students at MVHS, according to, which means at least 20 skaters at MVHS had a bad experience with skateboarding.

I interviewed some skaters at Moreno Valley High School on the negatives of being a skater, here is what they had to say.

“One thing that sucks about being a skater is investing a lot of your money into skateboarding, you would have to keep buying new skateboards, which are up to thirty dollars or even more if the deck is real,” said Mario Avila, freshman. “You would also have to buy new shoes frequently if you skate a lot.”  

Another skater, who asked to remain anonymous, stated “It’s hard not breaking the law as a skater, I would advise you, if you are breaking the law try not getting caught lacking, because it won’t end well.” Most beginner skaters are shy when they skate in front of more experienced skaters, but it’s important to remember all these pro skaters were once beginners.

“I remember when I first started skating, I was so nervous to skate at the skate park because everybody was way better than me, and I thought they were all judging me, but now I realize no one is judging you, because they were all in my shoes before.

It is hard to avoid these negative things about being a skater, but I hope this information would help you out a little bit, and remember to just have fun when skateboarding or for anything your passionate about.